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Korean American Coalition (KAC) presents Heroes and Legends.

KAC presents the inaugural Heroes and Legends celebration Gala on Saturday, October 14, 2017. KAC honors the heroes who have made extraordinary contributions and offered services for the embetterment of the Korean American/Immigrant community and the legends who have made significant professional achievements, paving the way for younger generations to follow.

We celebrate the generosity, services and lifetime achievements of the heroes and legends in our community. Told through the eyes of younger generations, the Gala will include the screening of “Heroes and Legends 2017,” a short documentary profiling the lives, contributions and achievements of this year’s nominees. Selected students from our local high schools and colleges will work closely with internationally acclaimed and award winning filmmaker Christopher HK Lee to research, review, select and document ten Korean American/Immigrant Heroes and Legends.

This annual award event is supported by our generous friends, families, organizations, and corporations who share common interests to educate, inspire, and motivate our youth to become the next generation of heroes and legends of our community.


 - Korean American Coalition
 - Fading Away

 - Grace E. Yoo, Law Offices of Grace E. Yoo
 - Joon Young Bang, Korean American Coalition
 - Jae Ku, PhD

Christopher HK Lee:
an award-winning filmmaker/writer/publisher and media artist. He has over 30 years of multi-cultural and diverse industry experience in the fields of architecture, interactive media, visual effects and animations as a director/producer and over twelve years of lecturing experience at colleges in both South Korea and the U.S. Chris has produced and directed many award winning feature and short films, including several others that raise awareness of Korean history, culture and current affairs titled “I am Grace,” “Rescued by Fate,” "Hills of Arirang," "Flight Buddies," “Fading Away," and "The Last Tear." He has written several books that include "Korea Exchange," "Fading Away," "Clever Swallow," "Return to Midway," and "What is Success? What Does Success Mean To You?"

 - Kae Hong Ko, K-Foundation
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