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Fading Away Book

"Fading Away"

The invisible injuries of our veterans pose the complex challenges for military families, and in particular military children. We wish to share the voices and thoughts of sons and daughters of Korean War veterans and to discover how the war had impacted their lives. Through this photo essays, we wish to discover and remember the emotions of their past for the future of our new generation.

The Last Tear Book "The Last Tear"
Photo essay based on award winning documentary film.
Clever Swallow

"Clever Swallow" - A long journey based on popular Korean folktales 
Independent Publisher Book Award

The Clever Swallow by Christopher Lee is a delightful, interactive book that exhibits both the charm of old world fairy tales and the pizzazz of the modern computer age. The book can be read from start to finish in chronological order or there are page insets that direct the reader to different chapters that can change the course of the story. Children, so familiar with interactive computer programs, may find this latter option particularly appealing. Each story is complete in and of itself, having a moral or lesson for the reader. There is a wonderful, imaginative stream of consciousness directing the action in the story as only a fairy take can. Yoom Thawilvejakul s illustrations are fanciful and sensitive, adding new layers to the reading experience. The rich layout and multi-colored hand printed letters add a personal touch. The screaming caps for emphasis are very effective and will stand out to the young reader as sign posts on the book s journey. My suggestion to parents is to read the book first in chronological order in order to fully experience the mood and characterization of the little swallow and the bear. Then go back and sample some of the playful new spokes in the story. At a first reading, I did try to follow some of the different spokes and experienced a disjoined feeling that went away after I had read the book in linear fashion. Be assured, however, that in whatever order story, you and your young reader are in for a treat.

What is Success

Do you want to be successful? Do you know what that mean?

성공의 여러 가지 얼굴에 대해 다룬 『성공하고 싶니? 성공이 뭔지 알아?』는 크게 두 가지 파트로 나뉜다. 하나는 크리스토퍼 리와 청년 유우진의 대담이다. 두 사람은 성공과 행복의 구체적인 차이점과 과정을 의논하며, 그 속에서 밝은 미래를 향한 길은 좀 더 풍요로워진다. 요컨대 크리스토퍼 리가 거시적으로 길을 제시한다면, 유우진은 청년으로서 현실적으로, ‘어떻게 살 것인가?’를 집요하게 묻는다. 이것이 바로 다른 자기계발서와 다른 점이다.
두 번째 파트는 유우진이 일기처럼 적어 내려간 기록이다. 20대의 사랑, 우정, 자아 성찰과 이뤄낸 작은 성취 그리고 성장의 가능성이 보석처럼 빛나는 이야기다. 이 두 파트를 함께 읽으며, 독자는 성공의 여러 가지 얼굴을 보게 될 것이다. 인생의 진로와 성공과 행복에 관해 한 번 더 생각하고 싶다면, 이 책만큼 좋은 것은 없다고 본다.

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